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How Is Hyper-pigmentation Treated

One of the many side-effects of cancer treatment are changes to the skin. The Light has worked tirelessly to support people, mainly, women of color in their particular journey to skin tone restoration as they undergo treatment.

Chemotherapy treatment can cause dryness, itching, burning, sensitivity, hyper-pigmented, dark discoloration.

However, this darkening may occasionally be permanent.

Hyper-pigmentation from chemotherapy drugs may be generalized or it may occur in specific areas, such as:

- Around the joints
- Under the nails
- In the mouth Along the vein used to infuse chemotherapy
- Under areas compressed by tape or dressings In the hair (horizontal bands in light haired individuals)
- In the hair (horizontal bands in light haired individuals)

How is hyper-pigmentation treated

The Light Skincare products are safe for use after chemotherapy treatment for most localized and superficial hyper-pigmentation treatment. Our products are safe, non toxic, gentle and effective for the most sensitive and delicate skin concerns.

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