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Discover the World’s premier skin brightening care products, designed to eliminate hyperpigmentation, rehydrate and refresh your skin, and enhance your natural beauty.
- Eliminate dark spots
- Reverse the effects of aging
- Rehydrate your skin

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Skin Care Designed to
Restore Your Light

Whether you’ve always battled dark spots, itchy, dry, or red skin…
Or you’ve recently gone through Chemo— one of the scariest and most difficult battles of all, our products are exactly what you need. We’ve taken special care to design a menu of products that are light, and compatible with every skin type. Ensuring that you see rapid restoration of skin, even if you’ve just gotten done with harsh chemotherapy.
dark spots
red skin

The Big

Problem With Skin Care

The marketplace is riddled with skincare options that are filled with toxic, unsafe, and frankly harsh chemical treatments that do the exact opposite of what they promise… 
We’re more than the skin we wear, and it’s our mission to restore your skin, with treatments that eliminate darkspots, reverse the effects of aging, and rehydrate your skin. While helping you reconnect with self-love and the deeper parts of yourself.

Gentle, Rejuvenating, and Soothing Skincare for Survivors

Life is a battle, and as women in the modern world, we’re being called to do more and more. 
 Every day is an uphill struggle, and not only is our skin our first line of defense against it all, but it’s also the place that expresses most of our stress. Breaking out in patches, pimples, or dark spots when things get rough… 
 At The Light Skincare, we have a special place in our hearts for you if you’ve been battling against cancer.

The Light Skincare

Behind The Brand



Then give your skin the care it deserves with a super-powerful punch of Glutathione, collagen, and a blend of vitamins and elixirs that penetrates deeply, to restore, rejuvenate, and brighten your skin


Stress, illness, chemotherapy, and the hustle and bustle of day to day life can make it seem like your skin has lost its youthful luster. Seraphic is the perfect answer

Body Care

Our cleaners, lotions, body washes, face and body and creams keep the skin nutritionally satiated and energized, assisting in skins own ability to naturally glow from within.

Skin Care

A Pure Concentration Of Light Brightness Dedicated To The Refined And Immaculate Beauty Of The Human Skin

Care For Your

Skin, Care For Your Beauty